New Technology of 3D-Printed Fortifications Presented in Russia

Rubric: Russia, Industry, Future

At the Army-2018 forum, the company named Arkon presented Cementizer, a system of robotized facilities for construction. Russia’s Engineer Troops consider the possibility of use this technology for rapid fortification.

Cementizer can ‘print’ even multi-storey buildings. Construction material is supplied in accordance with 3D models. When the system was demonstrated at the exhibition, it used the grade 400 cement mixed with fiberglass. According to designers, this improves strength properties of the building.

Cementizer at the Army-2018 exhibit

"It is fast, no need to hire workers or remove wastes. Briefly, it is a technologically optimized construction process", Vladimir Protasov, the Cementizer project manager told Mil.Press Today.

Representatives of Arkon instantly gave an example: Cementizer can build a 10x10 meters wall in one day.

The interviewees told Mil.Press Today that the project sparked interest of the Engineer Troops and the Construction Department of the Russian Defense Ministry.

"The military wants to print the quick-erected combat emplacements and barriers. Sure, they have special requirements to materials. We will test them soon", concluded Protasov.

The Army-2018 International Military & Technical Forum is held in August 21-26 at the Patriot Congress & Expo Center, Alabino Range, and Kubinka Airbase near Moscow. As for the Russian Defense Ministry, the event is attended by 1,500+ companies that present over 20,000 products.