Artillery Units of the Airborne Troops Receive Advanced Armament

Rubric: Future

Airborne artillerymen will have received over 30 unique modernized artillery reconnaissance and fire control vehicles Reostat-1 as well as over 20 self-propelled artillery weapons Nona-1M by the end of the year.

Modernized artillery hardware is being delivered to the Airborne Troops within the State Defence Order, Russian Defence Ministry reports.


Artillery reconnaissance vehicles are equipped with improved reconnaissance, communication and control instruments with new software capable of automatic positioning of targets and shell bursts day and night as well as highlighting the aims using lasers at the distances of up to 9 km for their engagement with guided projectiles Kitolov-2.

Self-propelled artillery weapons can use about 20 different types of domestic shells as well as a wide range of foreign munitions.

Moreover, the combat vehicles are equipped with a computer, which allows to act autonomously without artillery reconnaissance vehicles and, as a result, to deploy them on much more dispersed positions.

All the modernized vehicles have automated control systems Andromeda-D.