Russian Aerobatic Team to Participate in the International Air Show in Bahrain

Rubric: Russia

On January 13, the aerobatic team "Russian knights" has finished preparation of the flight programme, which the pilots are to demonstrate at the international aviation exhibition "Bahrain Air Show-2016" on January 21-23.

For the first time the aces will show their renewed programme on six heavy fighters Su-27 demonstrating solo aerobatics, maneuvering in formations of two and four aircraft as well as head-on course flying, Russian Defence Ministry reports.

Aerobatic team "Russian knights"

The half-an-hour programme will include such aerobatic elements as barrel rolls, loop-the-loops, skewed loops, tailslides, break-ups, etc.

The flights will be carried out at the heights of 100-1500 metres and at different speeds. The team is to return to Russia on January 25.

The "Russian knights" aerobatic team is the permanent participant of the largest air shows. They have visited Finland, France, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Italy, Malaysia, the USA, Canada, Slovakia, Luxemburg, Austria, China, the Netherlands, Norway, Bahrain, India showing great flying techniques and latest achievements of the Russian aviation industry.