Russian Army Gets Unified Medevac System

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The Kazan Aggregate Plant presented a modernized variant of medical evacuation system at the HeliRussia-2017 show. The system was created for the military, the designers told Mil.Today, and has been passing trials since 2014 being permanently upgraded. First supplies to the army are expected this year.

"Basic advantage of the system is the capability to carry an injured person in any transportation means without putting somewhere else and switching off medical equipment", Ivan Belyi, deputy general designer of the plant told Mil.Today. According to him, the system is pending certification as medical equipment in the Federal Service on Supervision in Healthcare and Social Development.

Medical evacuation system (Medevac)

The system is designed for medical evacuation of one litter casualty in critical or extremely critical condition, maintenance of vital functions of human body, intensive care therapy during evacuation, and permanent monitoring of an injured person?s condition.

The system includes a special litter, a frame for medical equipment, an artificial lung ventilator, a monitoring and defibrillation system, infusion and syringe pumps, a suction apparatus, and a set of vacuum splints

The medevac system constitutes a mobile hospital bed equipped with life-support equipment. With the length of 2.2 meters and the width of 0.6 meters, it weights 60 kg and is capable to accommodate an up to 120-kg patient. In-built batteries life is up to 5 hours. The system is versatile, it can be transported both in civil and military vehicles, including aircraft.

The Kazan Aggregate Plant, LLC develops, tests and manufacture aircraft rescue equipment for evacuation and rendering first aid, as well as ground support equipment for aircraft maintenance?.

The company is already providing the military with medical modules MM-226.9520.000 for Ka-226 helicopters, MMV.9520.000-03 (-04) for Mi-8MTV, and MMS.9520.000 for Il-76 airplanes and their modifications.