Russia to Equip Naval Ship with EU-Made Onboard Lights

Rubric: Russia

Severnaya Verf shipyard is to spend 14.5 mln rubles on European light equipment for Russian Navy’s auxiliary ship Vsevolod Bobrov being built at the yard.

According to procurement documents available to Mil.Today, Severnaya Verf is searching for supplier of shipboard lights produced by Norwegian Glamox.

Launching of Vsevolod Bobrov auxiliary ship

The Mil.Today’s insider in the Russian marine lights market comments that shipyards normally adhere to instructions of design bureaus that include certain products into supply rolls.

"Glamox is a quite prestigious firm of European level with high-grade quality. Are Russian products worse than Norwegian analogs? Nowhere near", shared the expert. "There’s one substantial difference though. The cost. Have no idea what’s the case today, but five years ago the price differed by several times. And, sure, European lights cost more", he added.

The first serial ship of Project 23120 designed by SpetsSudProekt, Vsevolod Bobrov was laid down at Severnaya Verf shipyard in 2013. The ship was launched in November 2016 and is to be commissioned in 2018. The lead ship, Elbrus, will take state trials in the Barents Sea in October, and then be handed over to the Navy.

Initially, Elbrus was supposed to join the Russian Navy by the end of 2015. The shipyard blamed SpetsSudProekt for delays in documents transfer. Designers reasoned the delays saying the project had been redesigned many times due to substitution of imported components with the Russian ones.

Project 23120 ships are intended for transportation, loading, storage, and delivery of dry cargoes on the shore. Besides, they can act as tugs and assist distressed ships. Ice class ARC4 helps them navigate in arctic seas without icebreaker support.