Russian Coast Guard to Receive Two Patrol Icebreakers

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Two Project 23550 patrol icebreakers will be built for the Russian Coast Guard (division of the Federal Security Service, FSB), director of Admiralteyskie Verfi shipyard Aleksandr Buzakov told Mil.Press Today after launching ceremony of the projectís lead ship.

The ships will be constructed at Vyborg Shipyard, specified Buzakov.

Model of Project 23550

He added that the icebreakers for FSB will differ from the lead ship of the project, Ivan Papanin.

Ships of Project 22350 will combine warfare, search/rescue, and scientific/research functions. Among their missions are security and monitoring of Arctic waters, convoying and towage of intruding vessels, escorting and supporting of auxiliary ships, and taking part in rescue operations (incl. getting afloat of grounded vessels), transportation of special-purpose cargoes. The Ivan Papanin-class icebreakers will have firefighting capability as well.

Displacement of the patrol icebreaker is about 9,000 tons, length is 114 meters, beam is 18 meters, draft is 6 meters. The 15-MW powerplant will accelerate the ship up to 18 knots. Propulsion system includes two 6,000-kW azimuth thrusters and a 500-kW ducted thruster. Endurance is about 70 days, operating range is up to 10,000 nautical miles. Basic crew is 49, additional crew is 47.

Dmitry Zhavoronkov, Valery Butymov

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