Russia Completed Concept Design of ‘Super Gorshkov’ Frigate

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Engineers of Severnoye Design Bureau have finalized conceptual designing of Project 22350M, a large-sized version of Gorshkov-class frigates, an informed industry insider told Mil.Press Today. The work is finished on time, the concept design has been prepared by the end of the falls, he added.

According to the interviewee, the next step is acceptance by the industry-specific commission. This will happen by the yearend, added the source.

Possible appearance of Project 22350M frigate

This information has not been officially confirmed to Mil.Press so far.

Finalization of Project 22350M design, dubbed 'Super Gorshkov' among shipbuilders, needs 12-18 months. Construction of the lead ship in the new series will take 4-5 years.

Considering development terms of design documentation, the construction may begin not earlier than in 2020.
The Russian Military Academy of the General Staff on November 19 hosted the naval research/practice conference, a Russian Navy’s top-ranking official told Mil.Press. The issue of dramatic cut-down in the number of ocean-zone ships was again raised at the conference. "In this context, keeping on building both Gorshkov-class frigates and larger, Project 22350M ships is vital for maintaining of the Russian Navy’s presence in the long-range ocean zones", said the interviewee.


Project 22350M frigates were announced in December 2014 by Admiral Viktor Chirkov, then heading the Russian Navy. According to him, the Navy planned to purchase at least 15 frigates of basic and modified versions. Beginning of design works on Project 22350M upgraded frigates by Severnoye Design Bureau was announced on July 28, 2018 by Vice Admiral Viktor Bursuk, then deputy navy commander.

Severnoye Design Bureau officially kicked off conceptual designing of 'Super Gorshkov' frigate on December 25, 2018 upon signing of a corresponding contract. The certain front-end developments were performed earlier, too, in accordance with the Navy’s assignments and by own initiative.

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Project 22350M frigates will displace about 8,000 tons and carry 48 Caliber cruise missiles. Their weaponry will also include Zircon hypersonic missiles. The powerplant will be made in Russia. Supposedly, the keels for the first ships of the new type will be laid down at Severnaya Verf shipyard.

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