Russia to Show Desert-Type Antiradar Camouflage at Army-2019 Forum

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Russian company Ecoportret-M will demonstrate basic camouflage facilities for woods, deserts, and snows at the coming Army-2019 military forum. Among the other exhibits, designers plan to show the MMK-2 double-faced coating for green/flora and desert/prairie patterns, the company’s press service told Mil.Press Today.

The basic MKT-2P desert-type camouflage set drew much attention at the last Army-2018 show. At the upcoming event, the visitors will see the radar-adsorbing version of the MKT-4P camouflage net.

MKT-2P basic desert/prairie-type camouflage set

The MKT masking facilities are already being supplied to the Russian Defense Ministry. Example, according to the state procurements website, the military has already bought the snow-type sets MKT-2S, the summer-type MKT-2L, and flora-patterned MKT-2L.

Also, the company produces and supplies telescopic poles enabling to make tents or change silhouette of a masked object.

The Syrian campaign has given much experience for careful thoughts. A participant of cargo security escorts in Syria shared with Mil.Press Today that the vehicles were painted and masked quite differently. "There were green tanks and APCs, yellow Tiger rovers, rosy Ural trucks covered with pink cam nets, and so", said the veteran.

Khaki-colored Ural truck at Khmeimim Air Base

To compare, the US Army uses ULCANS (ultra-lightweight camouflage-net system) developed in 90’s. Late in 2018, American military tied the 10-year contract with Israeli Fibrotex for the new-generation camouflage nets.

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