Russia and Armenia will Create a Joint Air Defense System

Rubric: Russia, Ex-USSR

Russia President Vladimir Putin ordered to sign an agreement on the creation of a joint air defense system of Russia and Armenia. The decree was published Wednesday.

The system will allow for protecting the airspace far to the south of the Russian borders, political analyst Sergei Minasyan said. "The system will comprise air defenses and Russian combat jets deployed to the Southern Military District. This would allow for monitoring the airspace far from the Armenian borders. The system will also help modernize Armenian air defenses and improve their operational range," Minasyan told Sputnik.

The deployment of air defense missile systems, radio-radars and jet fighters to Armenia will allow for protecting the airspace far from the Russian borders, including in the Middle East, he pointed out.

"It has been in the development for over 10 years. And now it’s just a coincidence with the Syrian conflict. The situation in the so-called Greater Middle East just proves that the measures are effective," the analyst said.

Minasyan underscored that Moscow and Yerevan laid groundwork for the project back in the 1990s.

"From political and strategic points of view there have been no significant changes. The system still works. Russia and Armenia coordinate their actions in patrolling the airspace. The new joint air defense system would just be more effective," he said.