Russian Military Enlists Young Girls to Boarding School

Rubric: Russia

An enrollment to the prestigious Moscow-based Defense Ministry’s Girls Boarding School kicked off on Friday, July 8, at the Novosibirsk Officers Club.

The enrollment to the 5-th class is held on a competitive basis, reported Interfax referring to the press service of the Central Military Command. During the entrance examinations, candidates must prove their psychological and physical readiness for training, and pass general studies tests.

Graduates of the Defense Ministry’s Girls Boarding School

This year, it is planned to enroll about 100 of 5-class schoolgirls. Over 10 candidates will compete for one place at the school.

Schoolgirls of the school are daughters of military personnel serving at outlying bases, girls from incomplete and multi-child families, daughters of servicemen killed in action, decorated with state awards for military duties and war veterans.

In total, over 740 girls of 5-11 training year attend the Russian military’s boarding school. One training course comprises six classes with not more than 20 girls in each.