Total Import Substitution: New Unmanned Submersibles Were Shown at Army-2018 Forum

Rubric: Russia, Politics, Industry

At the Army-2018 international military/technical forum, the company named Shelf presented the completely Russian-designed projects. Most of all, exhibitors and the guests were interested in a standalone unmanned underwater vehicle that has no codename so far.

The novelty from Shelf can dive down to 300 meters and accelerate up to 27 knots. According to the designers, the project is completely Russian, even electronic components: "Computer system, communication, navigation, motion control", specified Dmitry Antonov, director for development of onboard equipment for underwater vehicles at Shelf.

The autonomous unmanned submersible (at the right)

Among the tasks performed by the remotely-controlled submersible are detection of explosives and search operations. The sample presented at the exhibition is a platform, which can be a basis for a military version, too. On the first day of the Army-2018 forum, August 21, the company’s booth was visited by Russian military officials. They declined to give straight comments, saying only they were interested in the project.

The company representatives added it was too early to speak of certain orders. "The question is rather about the military requirements, to specify them precisely. We must understand clearly what they want; there are many specific aspects", shared Dmitry Antonov.

The remotely-controlled unmanned submersible

Except for that, the company presented the ROV-class remotely-controlled unmanned underwater vehicle, navigational and sonar equipment.

Army-2018 forum is held in August 21-26 at the Patriot Congress & Expo Center, Alabino Range, and Kubinka Airbase near Moscow.