Russia Invites 14 Countries to Participate in Decoding of Su-24 Black Boxes

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Russia has invited 14 countries to participate in decoding of the black boxes of the downed Su-24. Experts from USA, Great Britain and China accepted a proposal.

"We asked 14 foreign experts for help in maximizing the degree of transparency. However, except for experts from China and Great Britain, many specialists have refused to participate. Citizens from the United States will also participate in the process," Sergei Dronov, the deputy head of the Russian Aerospace Forces, told journalists. Sputnik quotes him.

Su-24 crashing

The flight recorder of the downed Russian Su-24 is currently in condition found at the crash site, he said.

"No work has been conducted on the recorders as of yet. It is in the same condition in which it was found at the crash site," Sergei Dronov said during a briefing.

Information provided by Russia on the airspace situation in the area of the attack of the Turkish F-16 fighter jet against the Russian Su-24 bomber has not been refuted by any country, including Turkey, the deputy head of the Russian Aerospace Forces said Friday.

"Information published by the Russian Defense Ministry on the situation of the airspace in the given region of Syria has still not been refuted by no one, including Turkey," Sergei Dronov said during a briefing.

The Russian Su-24 frontline bomber was brought down by Turkey in response to an alleged violation of Turkish airspace by the Russian aircraft. Both Russian and Syrian defense officials confirmed that the Su-24 never crossed into Turkish airspace, and was illegally downed in Syria. Putin described the Turkish attack as a "stab in the back" carried out by "accomplices of terrorists." One of the plane’s two pilots was killed by rebel gunfire from the ground after they ejected. The second pilot was rescued.