Russian Defence Ministry: Western Media Use Russian Footage to Illustrate US Success in Syria

Rubric: Russia

Western media outlets have used the Russian Defense Ministry shots in a footage describing the US military success in fighting militants in Syria, Russian Defense Ministry Spokesman Igor Konashenkov said on Wednesday.

"The last time it happened was quite recently when the Euronews TV channel reported about the alleged US military successes in fighting the ISIS [the former name for the Islamic State terrorist group, which is banned in Russia] with a commentary from a representative of the United States Army Central Command. The video shots (which were run by Euronews) showed the launch of Russian cruise missiles by Tu-160 strategic bombers," Konashenkov explained. TASS quotes him.

"Instead of talking about ‘the surgical accuracy of strikes’ we suggest our critics from the anti-IS coalition show at least half of the number of videos — about their own air strikes against the IS — which we have demonstrated to the world over the past three months since the start of our military operation in Syria," Konashenkov added.