PokemonGo Banned for Russian Rocket-Builders

Rubric: Russia, Industry

Directors of Proton-PM, the Russian rocket engine manufacturer, prohibited using of the smartphone game PokemonGo on the factory’s territory, reported Interfax on Wednesday, Sept 28, referring to a local corporate newspaper.

"Using of this app poses a real threat not only of sending a photo but its accurate reference to a certain geographical location", said Dmitry Uglitskih, Proton-PM’s head of security.

PokemonGo under a ban

Reportedly, restrictions on mobile devices use at the high-security areas of the factory were imposed late in 2015. However, massive emergence of applications like PokemonGo pushed the company’s directors for the total ban on mobile devices at such areas.

Proton-PM is specialized in production of liquid-propellant rocket engines RD-276 used as a propulsion plant for the first stage of Proton-M heavy-class launch vehicle. The company employs over 4,000 people.