Russian Military Invents New Oil for Arctic Hardware

Rubric: Russia, Industry

The Qualitet Group announced production of the new oil for Arctic-based military vehicles.The works are ordered by the Russian Defense Ministry’s Research Institute for Chemmotology.

"Today, the company develops new hydraulic and motor oils for vehicles exploited in the Arctic conditions", Alexey Moikin, deputy director for marketing at NPP Qualitet told Mil.Today.

TRECOL rovers at Arctic military expedition 2017

"We’re about to complete the project at the end of this year, or early in the next one", added his colleague, Andrey Arefiev. "Earlier on, we did make an ‘Arctic’ oil for the military, M-3z/12D, that has successfully undergone two expeditions".

The multigrade synthetic all-season motor oil M-3z/12D is designed for extreme Arctic conditions. It is used in batch-produced/prospective petroleum/diesel engines of military vehicles operating up to Euro-4 emission standard. The new oil ensures cold engine start without warm-up at -50°C and substitutes nine brands of motor oils.

According to the manufacturer’s spokesmen, the new oil would surpass the available one in pour point, viscosity and engine start limit temperature.