Russia to Convert Training Jet SR-10 into Heavy UAV

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Russian design bureau named Modern Aviation Technologies will create the AR-10 Argument heavy unmanned aerial vehicle based on training airplane SR-10. It is capable to carry weapons and designed for air patrols, breakthrough battles and interception of hostile UAVs.

If needed, Argument will be capable to engage air defense assets, armored vehicles, ships and strongpoints, the manufacturer’s representative told Mil.Today.

Comparing characteristics of SR-10 and AR-10

According to the expert, the UAV is being created by the initiative of the design bureau, only project has been developed so far. Further development of AR-10 depends on the military’s decision.
The UAV is supposed to have Russian-made turbojet engine AL-55 with takeoff thrust of 1,750 kgf. Maximum takeoff weight will be 3,800 kg, ceiling – 11,000 meters, max speed – 900 kph, flight range – 1,600 km. The UAV will be capable to withstand operational overloads from +9 to -6. Touchdown speed will be 180 kph.
"Aerial vehicle is only one part of the unmanned system. The use of turbojet engine will allow AR-10 to act as an assault aircraft and deliver lightning strikes in brief flight missions", Vladimir Voronov, head of the prospective research center at the Kronshtadt Group and designer of Orion heavy UAV told Mil.Today.
Designers of Argument chose the non-standard way of development by converting the aerobatic trainer into an attack aircraft, added the expert. This raises the question of its survivability. "As of today, there is no commercial production of UAVs refitted from airplanes", summed up Voronov.

SR-10 is a Russian two-seat aerobatic training airplane designed for flight practice of military pilot cadets. Specific feature of the jet is a 10-degree forward-swept wing.