Russia Invests in High-Tech Marine Propulsion Systems

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Under the program "Development of shipbuilding and hardware for offshore fields explorations in 2013-2030" by Russia's Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Saint Petersburg Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Technology Center (SSRTC) will develop a number of innovative technologies and tools for production of heavy-load propulsion systems of Arktika-class icebreakers and the prospective one, Leader.

According to the tender documents available to Mil. Today, SSRTC will develop technologies for manufacturing, alignment and assembling of the heavy-load propulsion systems. Overall cost of works will amount to 340 mln rubles; the research phase will finish in October 2019.

Project 22220 Arktika lead nuclear-powered icebreaker

The SSRTC research implies elaboration of new requirements for machine processing and assembling of large-size shafts. Besides, the design bureau will originate the technology for production of laser-synthesized shaft elements. As of specialized equipment, SSRTC will design multirole devices for alignment of heavy-load propulsion systems and surface reinforcement of large-size propeller shafts.

In addition, designers will establish general specifications for repair of the ‘screw-shaft’ system for icebreakers having unit power above 20 MW per shaft.

According to the R&D project docs, this will provide the shipbuilding industry with corresponding expertise for further development.
"Components of propulsion systems operating in ice conditions are under extreme loads. To ensure the pyramidal strength, when breakage of propeller blade with further on-site replacement brings no consequences for the rest system elements, we need to improve general reliability of propulsion units, lateral thrusters, and shaft lines", Alexey Ionkin, deputy head engineer at NPO Vint told Mil.Today explaining the need for innovations in production process.
As was reported earlier, Iceberg Design Bureau won the tender of the Ministry of Industry and Trade for project development of a multipurpose nuclear maintenance ship. The ship is needed for servicing of Project 22220 icebreakers and the floating nuclear powerplant Akademik Lomonosov.

Baltiysky Zavod shipyard keeps on building of Project 22220 nuclear-powered icebreakers Arktika, Sibir and Ural. The ships are expected to join Atomflot in 2019, 2021 and 2022 respectively.

Nuclear-powered icebreaker Leader is a prospective ship with the 120 MW powerplant. Estimated icebreaking capability is 4.3 meters, which will allow the ship to support navigation along the Northern Sea Route all year round. The technical project is developed by Iceberg Design Bureau; estimated term of works completion is December 2017.