New Landing Ship for Export Presented at Army-2017 Forum

Rubric: Russia, Industry

Export version of the Project 21810 medium landing ship debuted at the Army-2017 forum, representative of the project developing company, Severnoye Design Bureau, told Mil.Today. The ship’s model was presented at the showroom of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC).

According to the Mil.Today’s insider, the project is by no means innovative, designing works started about ten years ago. Due to lack of money to build such ships for Russian Navy, they made an export version, added the insider.

Project 21810 medium landing ship

In the interview to Mil.Today, the official from Severnoye bureau refused to disclose details referring to "sensitivity of the project data".

Open sources say the Project 21810 ship is designed for landing operations on unprepared shore and destruction of enemy troops before landing.

The ship displaces about 1,600 tons, is 97 meters long and 11 meters wide, capable to accelerate up to 16 knots; endurance is 30 days and operational range is up to 2,500 nm. The ship’s crew is 47 men.

The ship accommodates five tanks up to 55 tons each and 200 men including tank crews, plus 300 tons of military cargo.

Project 21810 ship is armed with A-22 Ogon ship-based flame-throwing system (110 rocket projectiles OF-45, caliber 140 mm) and A-215 Grad-M multiple launch rocket system with two MS-73 launchers (110 high-explosive fragmentation projectiles M-21OF, caliber 122 mm). In addition, it is expected to mount either two 30-mm automatic guns AK-630M or two Palma antiaircraft gun/missile systems. Air defense is represented by eight Igla launchers. The ship is equipped with a helipad accommodating a 12-ton helicopter.

The export version of the landing ship is supposed to have two 2,700-kW Finnish diesel engines Wartsila.