China Presented 800-hp Composite Engine Prototype at Army-2019 Forum

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The Chinese company Haery that presented the family of 7...800 hp UAV diesel engines at the Army-2019 forum looks for Russian partners. Purpose of the cooperation is to finalize powerplants and offer Russian military the readymade products, the company’s representatives shared with Mil.Press Today.

Most of the engines presented at the booth are novelties that still need improvement. However, there are serial models, too. For instance, the 400-hp engine Skylarc is already actively applied to a number of Chinese unmanned aerial vehicles. Moreover, Haery’s products are installed not only on UAVs but on various models of ground and marine robots, too.

Prototype of Golden Eagle composite diesel engine
"At the Russian market, we plan to work primarily in civil sector. Such partnership will lead our projects to the required condition in order to offer the military the readymade products then", the Haery’s commercial director Qin Hui Yong told Mil.Press Today.
One of the specific features of the Chinese engines is wide use of composite materials. This solution reduces engine weight, allowing the drones move at higher speeds to longer distances. One of such innovations is the 515-kg 800-hp eight-cylinder composite engine Golden Eagle. However, the Chinese delegation brought to the forum only the full-size model; so far, the engine exists as a concept that needs huge improvements.

"We highly appreciate the opportunity to attend this forum. Here we’ve met a number of Russian and foreign companies open for communication, including in the context of further joint work", summed up Qin Hui Yong.

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The Fifth International Military & Technical Forum Army-2019 was held in June 25-30 at Patriot Congress & Expo Center, at Alabino Range and Kubinka Airbase. In June 26-27, the forum was open for experts, and in June 28-30 it welcomed mass visitors.

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