Russia Designs Testbed to Study Submarine Fires

Rubric: Russia, Industry

A special testing facility to research fires in sealed compartments will be mounted at the Krylov State Scientific Center. The test bed is being created jointly with the Malachite Design Bureau specialized in attack submarines.

Module simulating compartment on fire (archive photo)
"The facility simulates two life-sized submarine compartments. Upon commissioning, it will be the only test bed in Russia capable to hold trials on firefighting systems without scale effect", reported Mikhail Potapov, director of firefighting systems sector at Malachite Design Bureau.
Also, the facility will help to test fire detection systems, model accidents caused by rupture of compressed air lines or steam pipelines, study processes of ignition, development and extinguishing of fire at high pressure and in high/low oxygen environment.

The Krylov State Scientific Center is located in Saint Petersburg. Another project underway is the testing facility simulating damage effects of electromagnetic weapons on electronics of surface ships.