MAKS-2019: UAV Berta Gets Turbojet

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The ground-launched overhead platform E08M Berta designed and produced by ENICS will be powered by a turbojet engine. The drone equipped with a new powerplant will debut at the International Aviation & Space Salon (MAKS-2019). The two already known versions had an internal-combustion engine (ICE) and a pulsejet engine (PJE).

The overhead platform provides the military with an opportunity to mount various kinds of payload: TV/photo cams, infrared imagers, corner reflectors, Luneberg lenses, IR flare decoys, airdrop containers, etc.

Berta ground-launched overhead platform

As a result, Berta can act both as a target drone and a recon UAV. The industry experts explained Mil.Press Today how application affected the engine type selection.
"The applied engine type depends on specific missions assigned to the air platform", said Mikhail Koryukov, director of Itlan engineering center specialized in designing and production of UAV powerplants. "A prop-driven combustion engine is more fuel-efficient than a pulsejet one, it holds the drone airborne longer and ensures running landing. So, this version of UAV is better for recon missions".
Pulsejet engines are cheaper and easier to manufacture, though consume more fuel, have shorter flight duration and are louder, shared the expert. This kind of drone lands by parachute. In terms of its features, Berta powered with pulsejet engine is better suitable for target drone missions.
Nikita Gusev, CEO at Reynolds that designs turbojets, agreed with Koryukov. He assumed that a turbojet for Berta drone was preferable to simulate fast-speed high-altitude air targets.
Except for the unmanned aerial vehicle Berta, the system includes a ground control station, a launcher, a maintenance kit, and a search/evac vehicle.

The International Aviation & Space Salon (MAKS-2019) will take place in Zhukovsky, Moscow Region, from August 27 to September 1. The show is expected to attract at least half a million visitors.

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