Russian Sonar Manzhetka Found Subsea Robot in Vladivostok

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The national competition in marine robotics named AquaRoboTech-2019 took place in September in Vladivostok. During the contest, the fast-deployable area sonar Manzhetka, capable to detect divers, in natural sea conditions identified and traced detailed path of the subsea robot produced by NPO Aurora.

The matter of detection of standalone unmanned submersibles, especially small-sized ones, is critical today, Roman Titkov, director of Dalpribor, the company designing and producing the sonar, told Mil.Press Today. That is why the experience achieved in the competition will be useful for the company’s further projects.

Fast-deployable area sonar Manzhetka
"In the natural marine conditions, in the storm and under heavy acoustic jamming, our area sonar found a small-size sea drone, 200 mm in diameter and 1,000 mm long. Based on the data obtained by Manzhetka, our team modeled the path of the submersible, checked it with the path of NPO Aurora that produced the robot, and the data matched", the company’s director explained the field experiment.
On the Western classification, Manzhetka is the portable diver detection sonar. It is used for military or civil purposes to protect water areas. For example, to monitor environment around critical coastal facilities of energy companies.

The XXIII International Exhibition INTERPOLITEX is held in October 22-25 at VDNH Expo Center in Moscow. The show is sponsored by Russian Ministry of Interior, Federal Security Service, and National Guard.

Valery Butymov

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