Combat Modules of ‘Typhoon’ Rovers Adapted for Russian Navy

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Naval version of combat modules mounted on Typhoon-U and Typhoon-K armored rovers will pass preliminary trials within a year. The mount designed for light boats is presented at the Army-2020 forum for the first time, the representatives of NPO Electromashina told Mil.Press. As for them, the new product has already sparked the interest of Indian delegation.

Dual-plane stabilized remotely controlled module Narval is equipped with the 12.7-mm heavy machinegun Kord, a daylight sight camera, an automatic target tracker, an IR camera and a range finder. The precision weapon protection system, all-round camera and the radar are available optionally.

Combat module Narval
"Comparing to the peers, our project has highly localized content, as we produce most components in-house. The exception is sighting systems", said Konstantin Davydov, head of scientific development division at NPO Electromashina. "We track what our counterparts do and compare characteristics. I can assure that we have implemented one of the best drives minimizing stabilization errors".
The combat module is to be mounted on the light boats displacing up to 20 tons. Currently, the designers are preparing for preliminary trials. Further plans include assignment of special classification and installation onboard naval craft.

Originally, Narval is designed for the Russian Navy, while the mount has export potentials, too. At the Army-2020 exhibition, Indian experts took interest in the module, considering its prospective usage in their projects.

The mount keeps upgrading, the manufacturers assure.
"Trying to add a radar, adapting for applique armor, considering integrated armor. Normally, our competitors don’t have these kind of things. Protection against 7.62-mm bullets will likely be included in the basic version", added Konstantin Davydov. "Along with that, we’re adapting the module for naval applications. Example, the body must be completely sealed and protected from water, snow and ice".
As of the further improvements, ahead are typical follow-ups: accuracy increase, adding new equipment, a grenade launcher and lighter machineguns, integration with various control and target acquisition systems being developed for combat modules.

The Army-2020 international military and technical forum was held in August 23-29 at Patriot Congress & Expo Center, Alabino Range and Kubinka Airbase. On August 24, the 4-hour long video presentation of defense novelties was released at ArmyOnline, where tens of companies presented their projects for holdings and military officials.

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