Pella Shipyard Named Projects to Display at Army-2018

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At the coming international military-technical forum Army-2018, the Saint Petersburg-based Pella Shipyard will present the Project 02981E salvage ship, the export version of Project 22800E Karakurt-E-class corvette, and the Project 03184 small-size seagoing tanker, the company’s press service told Mil.Press Today on August 9.

Project 02981E salvage ship is designed for wide range of missions, including survey of underwater objects using a remotely controlled submersible, life support and rescue of crews from bottomed submarines in distress, search and rescue of surfaced crews, provision of decompression and medical aid for rescued submarine crews, etc.

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Project 22800E Karakurt-E-class corvette is designed for combat warfare in the littoral zone and peacetime missions. Pella Shipyard has completed construction of the lead Karakurt-class corvette for the Russian Navy, and now the ship undergoes trials. The 800-ton corvette is armed with the advanced 76,2 gun mount AK-176MA and attack missile system Caliber-NK.

Project 03184 small-size seagoing tanker is designed for acceptance, storage, transportation and transhipment of liquid cargoes (low-viscosity diesel fuel, oil, fresh water), pickup of oil sludge, spent oil, bilge water and sanitary sewage, supply of vessels with cargo in barrels and boxes (on pellets) and containers, pickup of dry garbage and galley waste. Cargo system of the tanker allows for simultaneous handling of two cargo types.

According to the shipyard’s press service, its booth will also present the export version of Project 03160E patrol boat, and the serially-built line of tugboats, from the smallest one, 20-meter long Project 04690 harbor tug, to 48-meter long Project PS-45 (02980) rescue tug.

The international military-technical forum Army-2018 will be held in August 21-26 in the Patriot Congress & Expo Center, at the Alabino Range and the Kubinka Airbase. The Russian military expect that Army-2018 will be attended by over 1,500 companies to exhibit above 20,000 products.