Lead Karakurt-Class Caliber-Armed Corvette Completed Another Sea Trials

Rubric: Russia, Industry

Uragan, the lead Project 22800 Karakurt-class corvette being built at Pella Shipyard has completed the third phase of manufacturer’s sea trials on Lake Ladoga, reported the Russian Defense Ministry’s press service.

The ship’s life support systems, navigation equipment, anchor and towing gear were successfully tested throughout the three trial phases, added the military spokesman.

Corvette Uragan (Project 22800 Karakurt)

Corvette Uragan is planned to attend the Main Naval Parade, which is to be held on July 29 in Saint Petersburg and Kronshtadt in honor of the Russian Navy Day.

Project 22800 corvettes were designed by Almaz Design Bureau as an alternative for Project 11356 frigates, which construction was delayed. In total, the Russian Navy plans to receive up to 23 Karakurt-class corvettes.

Each Karakurt-class corvette is armed with the advanced 76.2-mm gun mount AK-176MA and the Caliber-NK attack missile system. The ship's displacement is 800 tons, max speed is 30 knots, endurance is 15 days.

Being built at Pella Shipyard, corvette Uragan was planned to join the Navy in 2017. According to a source of Mil.Press Today, the ship's commissioning was delayed due to the new weapons. Since Uragan is a lead ship of Project 22800 with the whole range of new equipment, the hardware needs more time for installation and testing.

Trials of corvette Uragan on Lake Ladoga began in May.