Two Russians Finked Fictitious Military Secrets to CIA

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Two locals of the Trans-Baikal Territory (Russia), including one ex-soldier, tried to sell the United States’ CIA non-existing secrets about military bases allegedly deployed in the region, reported press service of the local FSB department.

In 2015, a resident of the town of Borzi introducing him as a secret-keeper sent a letter to the CIA and offered the agency to buy secret information about Russian armed forces, reports The CIA officials hooked on to the proposal and replied with questions they were interested in; however, they set the matter of money aside.

Restricted area

After that, the man contacted his friend who was a conscript soldier at the time but had no access to secret data though. The friends began to send the CIA naked stories about troop trains dispatched to Ukraine and missiles aimed at the US.

These contacts were finally cut out by Russian security agencies. "As long as the young men did not pass any classified information to the CIA, they were released from criminal liability and only cautioned on inadmissibility of acts conditioning an offense", said the FSB press service.

"There were no grounds to initiate a criminal case, as the guys were not secret-keepers. They did not receive money. The caution was well enough for them", explained the spokesman.

Behavior of CIA agents taking interested in the information leaked from a doubtful source raised eyebrows of Russian spycatchers.