Russian Military Lost a Salute Gun in Volgograd

Rubric: Russia

After festive fireworks in honor of the Fatherland Defenders Day celebrated in Russia on February 23, military servicemen  lost an artillery gun ZIS-3 in Volgograd.

The gun was lost during towage to the home station. According to Lenta.Ru referring to local media, the gun disconnected from a truck and slid off the road. Eyewitnesses said the military had overlooked the loss and continued moving.

Kirill Shekurov

According to other sources, soldiers noticed the disconnected gun but failed to stop as they were moving within an organized column. After a while, the gun was carried to the home base.

ZIS-3 is a 76-mm antitank gun developed in 1942. Presently, these weapons are used as salute guns.