Russia Suspends Su-27 Flights

Rubric: Russia

Russian Defense Ministry suspends flights of Su-27 fighters until clarification of causes of the air crash happened Thursday morning, June 9, in Moscow Region. According to TASS, that decision was made by Viktor Bondarev, Russian Airspace Force Commander.

The Russian military authority reports that, according to preliminary data, the jet crash was caused by a technical failure. The pilot did everything possible to drive the aircraft away from an inhabited locality, so had no time for catapulting.


The Su-27 fighter of the Russian Knights aerobatics group crashed in Moscow Region. The group was taking part in the opening ceremony of a monument to aviators in Ashukino, Pushkino District. Six jets flew over Ashukino. Only five returned to the home airbase.

The Russian Defense Ministry officially confirmed the fact of the air crash and the pilot fatality. According to the authority, the fighter jet crashed while returning to airbase after the scheduled flight without ammunition. The aircraft was piloted by Major Sergei Yeryomenko, said an insider from the defense agency.