Export Version of Karakurt Corvette Debuted at Army-2016 Show

Rubric: Russia, Industry

The Almaz Central Maritime Design Bureau presented an export variant of Project 22800E corvette Karakurt-E at the Army-2016 defense exhibition.

The projectís key advantages are parsimony, low building cost, simplicity and reliability, said the design bureauís representative. Moreover, Karakurt-E may be customized with any kind of powerplant.

Project 228E Karakurt-E corvette

"So far, we don't have any certain agreements with export customers. Among the potential ones are Vietnam, Egypt, Algeria, almost all countries that purchased ships of similar displacement like, for example, Molniya-class missile boats", added the official being interviewed by FlotProm.

Generally, the export versionís weapons kit and appearance correspond to those of Project 22800 corvettes built for the Russian Navy. The shipís displacement makes about 870 tons, length is 67 meters, beam is 11 meters, max speed is 30-35 knots, endurance is 12 days, operational range is up to 2,800 nautical miles, crew is 39 men. The corvette is armed with the 76-mm gun mount, BrahMos-type missiles, and an air defense system with 6-barelled machineguns and short-range missiles.

Karakurt-E corvettes are designed for destruction of enemyís critical assets at seashore zone; enemyís surface warships, vessels and boats, either independently or in cooperation with other forces; enemyís artificial stationery and floating objects; and repelling of enemyís aerial attack assets by onboard weapons.