Russian Chaplains to Change Robes for Cammies

Rubric: Russia

Field uniform for military chaplains was designed in Russia’s Central Military Command (CMC). Insignia and patches were recently presented at the Military Chaplains Congress, said Igor Agafonov heading the CMC confessional relations department.

"The new uniform is really comfortable for chaplains’ service at tactical exercises, field trips and firing drills; wearing robes all day long is quite inconvenient in the military", reports TASS citing Mr. Agafonov.

New clothes stand out from the common army uniform only with patches and emblems: there is an orthodox cross instead of collar branch symbol, a chaplainship and a name instead of serviceman’s last name badge.

Another mandatory attribute of a chaplain will be neckwear cross over the uniform, Agafonov said. "In the Central Military Command there are no units with Muslim chaplains, because number of orthodox Christians prevails in the central Russia. Although the uniform is designed only in CMC so far, hopefully, other military commands will soon use our variant as well", he added.