Kolomensky Zavod Presented Diesels at Army-2018, Including New 16SD500 Marine Version

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Kolomensky Zavod (member of TransMachHolding) debuted at the Army-2018 forum. The company presented the product line for the Navy, locomotive engineering and power industry. The model of 16SD500 marine engine was presented for the first time and is already being produced. Director of Kolomensky Zavod, Evgeny Vozhakin, told Mil.Press Today about the novelties and perspective projects, as well as the company’s modernization and future plans.

Booth of Kolomensky Zavod at Army-2018

"We’re currently implementing investment program to modernize production facilities, amounting nearly to 15 bln rubles. In fact, in 2-3 years we will have a new enterprise producing medium-speed diesel engines", pointed out Evgeny Vozhakin.

He presented Mil.Press Today a new marine diesel engine 16SD500 based on type D500 powerplant. According to Vozhakin, this is more powerful, up-to-date and environment-friendly engine than the available analogues.

The works are performed under the federal target program "National Technologies". The marine version of D500 diesel engine is created in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Marine diesel engine 16SD500 based on type D500 powerplant designed by Kolomensky Zavod
"The new engine has been designed and is almost ready, we’re preparing for endurance tests", Vozhakin said. The CEO of Kolomensky Zavod emphasized that the company was to setup production of D500 and thus meet the need for surface ships' and submarines' powerplants.
He added that the company continued the works on localization of the engine’s parts and units, cooperating with the Russian contractors. "The Army-2018 forum is a good platform for searching of contractors, and by the way, very professional ones", added the company’s director.

Evgeny Vozhakin announced the return of Kolomensky Zavod to the market of post-guarantee and service maintenance. "I’m calling attention of our potential clients that we are ready to provide the whole range of such services, up to the full lifecycle maintenance".
The marine version of D500 diesel is developed under the 16-cylinder arrangement, the director of diesel generator department Alexey Schelkov told Mil.Press Today. The 12-cylinder version is designed for locomotives, and the 20-cylinder variant is for power industry. According to Schelkov, the company has already started production of the 16SD500 diesel.
The engine’s tests are scheduled in the end of 2018; construction of the testing facility is currently at the closing stage.

Diesel geared unit 1DRA6000 of a patrol ship’s main powerplant. Designed by Kolomensky Zavod

In addition, at the Army-2018 forum the company presented the model of 1DRA6000 diesel geared unit with the 16D49 diesel engine (16CN26/26) designed for the main propulsion plant of a coast guard ship, to work for the controllable-pitch propeller.

Diesel engines D500 designed by Kolomensky Zavod

Type D500 is the four-stroke combined internal combustion turbo-charged and charge-cooled diesel engines, with dimensions CN26.5/31 and V-shaped cylinders arrangement (12, 16 or 20), designed for ships, locomotives and power generation plants, including nuclear ones. In marine versions, they serve as a main propulsion plant (diesel geared unit or diesel generator) to work via reduction gear on the propeller.

The company has also developed the new-generation diesels D300 of dimension range CN26/28. They can be applied in shipbuilding, locomotive engineering, nuclear and small-scale power industries.

Depending on the number of cylinders, the new diesel engines of D500 and D300 families cover the power range from 2,650 to 7,352 kW (3,600 and 10,000 hp, respectively). Meanwhile, diesels with power higher than 6,000 hp are not produced in Russia so far.

Design of the new diesels by Kolomensky Zavod include the reserve for their further improvement, emphasized the company’s representatives.

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For over a century, Kolomensky Zavod has been producing diesel engines for surface and submarine fleets, remaining the only designer and manufacturer of the medium-speed diesel engines for naval ships and submarines. The company is licensed for production of marine engines and diesel generators for the Russian Navy.

Throughout the recent decade, experts of the company have created diesel engines for Project 636 and Project 677 submarines. Currently, Kolomensky Zavod produces special powerplants for Project 20380 corvettes, Project 22350 frigates, Project 18280 communication ships, and Project 11711 landing ships.

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Presently, the company takes part in nine Russian Navy’s shipbuilding projects of surface ships and submarines. Over 700 engines made by Kolomensky Zavod effectively work on Russian and foreign ships, 15% of them are operated abroad.

The Army-2018 forum was held in August 21-26 at the Patriot Congress & Expo Center, Alabino Range, and Kubinka Airbase near Moscow.