Submarine Salvage Ship, Sea Tanker and Naval Tugs: Pella Shipyard at Army-2018

Rubric: Russia, Industry

At the Army-2018 forum, the Leningrad shipyard Pella presented the line of tugs, the Project 02981E rescue ship and the Project 03184 small-size sea tanker. The shipyard’s deputy director for economics Mikhail Trushin disclosed the details in the interview to Mil.Press Today.

According to him, the Pella-made tugs are widely known among the customers; by now, the Russian Navy has obtained 62 of them.

Sea tugs designed and built by Pella shipyard

Pella’s debuting project is the Project 02981E rescue ship. "It is designed to render assistance to the damaged submarines, and to rescue crews. The ship is used for search, after-search and direct rescuing of submariners", Trushin said.
Pella’s head designer, Ilya Mashura, added that the rescue ship project was targeted at a narrow range of tasks, primarily related to salvage of crewmembers and their further medical treatment, including decompression.
Project 02981E rescue ship

"Purpose of this ship is to rapidly arrive at the predetermined point, promptly perform people rescue operations, and save as many submariners as possible", summed up the designer.

The second novelty is the Project 03184 small-size sea tanker. The ship is designed for transportation of diesel fuel, fresh water, and different types of oil, as well as for refueling of ships both in and out the ports.

Project 03184 sea tanker

In addition, the tanker can collect oiled waters and other wastes from the ships. Load capacity of the tanker is 2,000 tons.

The Army-2018 forum is held in August 21-26 at the Patriot Congress & Expo Center, Alabino Range, and Kubinka Airbase near Moscow.