Russian Authority Allowed Export of Some Drone Guns

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Federal Service for Military & Technical Cooperation (FSMTC) issued a report to Avtomatika Concern (division of State Corporation Rostec) confirming that certain modifications of portable UAV countermeasure systems (drone guns) are not classified as military products. This gives such devices export opportunities.

That was said by the representatives of Avtomatika Concern to reporters of Mil.Press Today at the Interpolitex exhibition. In addition, the company’s officials confirmed that the deliveries of drone guns abroad had already started.

Emblem of FSMTC

Late in 2018, it was reported on the problems regarding the export of devices against unmanned aerial vehicles using civil frequencies. Both small manufacturers and largest market players like Zala Aero (Kalashnikov Concern, member of Rostec) and Avtomatika faced the difficulties. FSMTC, in turn, officially confirmed this information, declared in April 2019 that the issue about the status of drone guns "is being elaborated by the concerned federal executive agencies".