Upgraded UAV Veer to Appear at Army-2020 Forum

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A Russian company named Enics that presented a prototype of multi-rotor UAV Veer at the international military forum Army-2019, this year will show the state contractor a final version ready for mass production.

The system is designed for day-and-night optronic reconnaissance and can operate in three modes: standalone (full radio silent flight mission), automatic (ground-controlled adjustments), and semi-automatic (ground-controlled azimuth and altitude).

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Multi-rotor UAV Veer Enics Mil.Press contacted an officer from the Zhukovsky Air Force Academy involved in unmanned systems development. The academy keeps a close eye on the innovative copter-type drones and their application for special tasks, he said.
This relates both Russian projects and foreign ones. Example, the academy studied the know-hows of Chinese DJI and their copter-type UAV Matrice-100. The drone doesn’t meet military specifications, but we investigate, as it is modular and may carry ultrasonic sensors. They scan the space so that the swarm drones avoid barriers and orient relative to each other.
According to Sergey Pobezhimov, deputy chief designer at Enics, the new Veer-based systems can be equipped with similar sensors, if needed, because the platform is modular and open for upgrades.

- operating radius limited by online HD video transmission: 10 km;
- airspeed range: 0-50 km/h;
- navigation: GPS, GLONASS, heading;
- MTOW: 4 kg;
- max payload weight: up to 1 kg;
- endurance: 40-60 minutes, depends on payload.

The visitors of the company’s booth will also have a chance to see the UAV recon system Eleron-7 already fielded by the Russian military, and the ground-launched turbojet overhead platform E08M Berta.

All showpieces exhibited by the company earlier and in the future are completely functional systems, emphasized Sergey Pobezhimov.

The Army-2020 international military and technical forum takes place in August 23-29 at Patriot Congress & Expo Center, Alabino Range and Kubinka Airbase. First few days are open for experts only, and since August 27, any visitors will be allowed to attend the exhibition. On August 24, watch the video presentation of defense innovations at ArmyOnline.

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