Military Prosecutors Confirmed Soldier’s Suicide in Syria

Rubric: Russia

Chief Military Prosecutor’s Office reported about an investigation held due to the death of a Russian military serviceman in Syria. Its initial results indicate that Vadim Kostenko died through self-hanging in the off-duty time because of "adverse personal circumstances beyond the military base".

"Besides,the cause of death was proved by the medico-legal analysis of the body", added the military procuracy’s press secretary, reports Lenta.Ru.

Military prosecutor

As was reported by the Russian Defense Ministry on October 27, the contracted soldier serving at the Humaimam Airbase as a technician committed suicide during the leisure time after duty. According to military officials, upon preliminary information obtained from different sources, including analysis of SMS texting in the soldier’s cellphone, the reason of his death was a relationship breakup with his girlfriend.

The serviceman’s family believes neither in the suicide version nor in his death caused by the girlfriend. Body of the 19-year old Kostenko was delivered to his parents living in the Krasnodar region.

According to Vadim’s father, his son signed a contract on June 20 and was redeployed to Syria on September 14, two weeks before the beginning of the Russian Airspace Force’s military operation.

In addition, based on the information from social networks and stories of his colleagues, Voennoe.RF has made the life history of Vadim Kostenko.