Russian Military Wants Two-Section ARV for Arctic

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Russian defense ministry has recently ordered designing of an armored recovery vehicle (ARV) for operation in Arctic. The tender for a corresponding R&D project was won by Uralvagonzavod, an insider in defense industry shared with Mil.Press Today.

"Indeed, the Arctic version of the ARV codenamed Evacuator GM will be designed by Uralvagonzavod. The vehicle will be ready by the end of 2020", explained the source.


Totally, 169.4 mln rubles will be allocated for the project, to be divided in three parts: in 2018 it is planned to grant 18.5 mln rubles, in 2019 – 148 mln rubles, and over 2.9 mln rubles in 2020.

Being interviewed by Mil.Press Today, a military expert Viktor Murakhovsky said it was too early to specify how the project would look like, though the creation of the arctic ARV was logical.
"Many efforts are applied to develop two-section hardware. The arctic force grouping has an air defense system, a transporter with combat module, and so. Naturally, this family needs technical maintenance vehicles", summed up the expert.
The new rover is designed for recovery of damaged military vehicles in arctic conditions, including under enemy fire, to disabled vehicle collecting points or shelters. Also, the ARV will be used for unditching operations and assistance to crews in repairs and maintenance in field conditions.

Uralvagonzavod has wide experience in designing of armored recovery vehicles. For instance, BREM-1M based on the T-72A tank chassis, armed with antiaircraft machinegun NSVT-12.7, and equipped with observation sensors for battlefield technical reconnaissance. The vehicle has a hydraulic crane and electric welding equipment to perform repair and maintenance in field conditions, a haulage winch to evacuate trapped tanks, and accessories for earthworks and bulldozing operations. Technical characteristics of the arctic version have not been disclosed so far.