New APC with Advanced Combat Module Offered to Russian Military

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Retrofitting of BTR-82A armored personnel carrier (APC) goes on. Last year, Military Industrial Company (MIC) demonstrated the version with improved protection and a new combined sight, and at the coming Army-2020 military forum the vehicle will carry a new unmanned combat module.

The project was co-developed with Armorer Workshops that supplied MIC with unmanned modules Arbalet-DM for Tiger armored rovers. However, the solution for APCs is distinctly different from the similar systems.

BTR-82AT with unmanned combat module

BTR-82AT with unmanned combat module The combat module is independent of the onboard power supply system. The sight is equipped with own battery; manual power drives are arranged as well. Thus, firing is possible even without electric power supply.

Another feature is that ammunition can be replenished internally, without the crew leaving the vehicle.

Remarkably, application of the unmanned module gave more internal room inside the armored carrier. This allows taking more ammunition aboard or improving comforts of personnel.
"We’ve analyzed everything and found that this module is at least 30% cheaper than all Russian peers, not to mention foreign solutions", said Sergey Suvorov, heading the press service at MIC. "Here at the Army-2020 forum, we’re presenting the renewed BTR for the first time. It will be assessed by our defense minister, by the way. Hopefully, upon his approval, we would proceed with trials. Further, our plan is that the new version of BTR-82AT will excite our international partners".
Visitors beside renewed BTR-82AT

MIC brought six releases to the Army-2020 exhibition. Among them is the export version of Athlete armored vehicle, K-17 infantry fighting vehicle based on Boomerang platform, Strelka light armor vehicle with its amphibious version, and buggy-type Tiger armored rover.

The Army-2020 international military and technical forum takes place in August 23-29 at Patriot Congress & Expo Center, Alabino Range and Kubinka Airbase. On August 24, watch the 4-hour long video presentation of defense releases at ArmyOnline, where tens of companies will present their projects for holdings and military officials.

First few days are open for experts only, and since August 27, any visitors will be allowed to attend the exhibition.

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