Russia Adapted ‘Athlete’ Rover for Export, Ready to Show ‘Boomerang’ Platform

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Last year at the Army-2019 forum, Military Industrial Company (MIC) for the first time ever presented Athlete armored vehicle, dubbed ‘Big Bro’ of Tiger rover. This time MIC brought the Athlete’s export version. Also, the company is about to excite overseas customers with new K-17 infantry fighting vehicle based on Boomerang platform.

Earlier in 2020, the special-purpose vehicle Athlete passed preliminary trials and obtained appropriate approvals. It is planned to complete the state trials by the year end.

Export version of Athlete armor rover

Being more protected than the mass-produced Tiger vehicles, Athlete kindled vivid interest among the participants of the last year’s Army show. With this in view, MIC designers adapted the platform for demands of the foreign clients.

Generally, the export version of Athlete retained all basic components, though there are some differences. Above all, the foreigners asked for an automatic transmission. The engine has changed as well; the vehicle presented at Army-2020 is powered by American Cummins.
"We use quite flexible approach to the rovers design. If needed, we can customize the vehicle depending on a client’s desire. I guess, one of the most popular demands is automatic gearbox. Instead, Russians prefer stick shift for its easiness and reliability", MIC’s press secretary Sergey Suvorov told Mil.Press.
Wheel-based infantry fighting vehicle K-17

Another object of interest for the foreign experts visiting Army-2020 is infantry fighting vehicleK-17 based on Boomerang platform. The vehicle debuted at the show back in 2017, but only now is presented as a full-scale publicly accessible showpiece.
"The vehicle has passed a range of preliminary trials and obtained "O" class. This year, it will begin state trials. Assignment of "O" class authorizes our colleagues to develop other versions on this chassis, say, a wheeled tank. The payload reserve is about 7.5 tons, so any system can be deployed within these limits. I think, our project will stir interest amid foreign visitors", added Sergey Suvorov.
The Army-2020 international military and technical forum takes place in August 23-29 at Patriot Congress & Expo Center, Alabino Range and Kubinka Airbase. On August 24, watch the 4-hour long video presentation of defense releases at ArmyOnline, where tens of companies will present their projects for holdings and military officials.

First few days are open for experts only, and since August 27, any visitors will be allowed to attend the exhibition.

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