Russian Military May Employ Remotely Controlled Loader

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Prototype model of the remotely controlled mini loader Ant 750P keeps on passing trials. The spokesman of the manufacturer, KEMZ, told Mil.Press at the Army-2020 forum that the company might promptly arrange batch production of the robotized system, if the project would be of interest to the military.

Ant 750P is based on a commercially-produced loader. This model, however, can be controlled not only manually by a driver sitting in the cabin, but also by an operator at the distance of up to 2 km using a portable control unit.

Prototype model of remotely controlled mini loader Ant 750P

Remotely, it is possible to start or shut off the engine, perform maneuvers and manipulate, receive image from a rotary camera, and change attachable equipment by means of quick-release hydraulic couplings.
"The remote control capability is essential at the sites potentially hazardous for people. Example, engineer works or reloading of obsolete ammunition depots that may abruptly detonate", Dmitry Marov, the KEMZ lead expert commented.
As for him, the Russian military buys massive-produced loaders KEMZ for engineer troops. "We’ve shown this project to them, hopefully, it will be in demand", Marov added. "We’re primarily aimed at domestic market. Nonetheless, our serially-made hardware is a hot ticket in Kazakhstan, Armenia and Belarus. I’m sure our partners will latch on to the remotely-controlled model as well. We’re all ready to make any adjustments to customize the design, if needed".

Operating weight of the mini loader is 3.1 tons, lifting capacity is 750 kg. Tipping load is 1,500 kg. Ant 750P is powered by the 50-hp British diesel engine Perkins consuming 4.5 liters of fuel per hour. At that, max speed is 12 kph.

The Army-2020 international military and technical forum was held in August 23-29 at Patriot Congress & Expo Center, Alabino Range and Kubinka Airbase. On August 24, the 4-hour long video presentation of defense novelties was released at ArmyOnline, where tens of companies presented their projects for holdings and military officials.

Mil.Press, a top-priority media partner of the forum, posted the overviews of novelties and business events in the thematic section Army Forum

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