Russian Bureaucrats Offered to Force Household Debtors to Military

Rubric: Russia

At the recent session of the Rostov-on-Don city council the bureaucrats along with court bailiffs and representatives of facility management companies tried to fix the problem of the citizens’ huge household indebtedness.

Currently, the debt of the regional center’s population amounts to nearly $30 mln, and has grown by $1.7 mln only in 2015, reports Bloknot.

Yury Kounin, deputy head of the regional directorate of the Federal Service of Court Bailiffs, offered to send debtors to the military until full liquidation of debts. "Some debtors complain they can’t find a job. Our proposal is to issue them notices and send to employment bureaus and army recruiting offices in order to sign a contract and serve in army units", Kounin said.