Russia Develops Multicopters with Grenade Launchers and Flame Throwers

Rubric: Russia

Russia has developed multicopters armed with grenade launches and flame throwers and capable of dodging bullets.

"The prototypes of a reconnaissance copter, a surveillance and fire directing aerial vehicle and a cargo copter have already been developed," the head of the United Instrument-Manufacturing Corporation, part of Russia’s state high-tech corporation Rostec, told TASS on Tuesday.

"They can independently conduct surveillance of targets and make special maneuvers when they are fired at, which makes them actually invulnerable to small arms. Conventional serial produced hand-held grenade launchers and flame throwers are used as their payload," Yakunin said.

A copter is easily transportable and requires no landing and take-off strip or a special catapult as compared to drones. Moreover, it is dozens of times cheaper, which makes its loss in combat uncritical.