World Arms Trade Sets Records

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In 2015 volume of global conventional arms export and import will make at least $92.8 bln. That is the highest result since the end of the ‘cold war’ era.

These calculations were presented by the Centre for Analysis of World Arms Trade (CAWAT).

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Statistics count only legal arms transfers. CAWAT estimates illegal market at more than $5 bln.

The top position in the real volume of arms trade in 2015 holds the US. According to preliminary data, volume of identified American military exports in 2015 will make $41.548 bln, which is 44.77% of the world’s arms export.

Russia ranks second in the CAWAT rating with $13.944 bln (15% of global exports).

Third position is held by France making $7.874 bln or 8.5% of world arms transfers.

Then goes Germany with $5.392 bln (5.8% of worldwide arms trades).

The UK occupies the fifth position achieving $2.801 bln which is 3% of global arms exports.

Other Top 10 global arms sellers in 2015 are as follows: Israel – $2.8 bln (3%), Italy – $2.534 bln (2.7%), Spain – $2.459 bln (2.6%), China – $2.45 bln (2.6%) and Switzerland – $1.711 bln (1.8%).

To compare, in 2012 volume of global arms exports amounted to $57.018 bln, in 2013 – about $57 bln.