Russia to Design New Ballistic Missile

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The Makeyev State Rocket Center will design a new Russian ballistic missile, reports Izvestia on July 14 citing Vladimir Degtyar, the center’s general director and head designer.

As was reported, the rocket center has already won a state contract on research and development project of a new missile.

Launch of SLBM Bulava

"Currently, we’re on the several defense contracts related to development of land- and sea-based ballistic missiles. In particular, it is a new heavy ballistic missile Sarmat to renew the land-based missile force, and RD project of a perspective weapon", said Degtyar.

According to Izvestia, the matter could be a new sea-based ballistic missile that would substitute SLBM Bulava in the future.

Designers of the Rubin Central Design Bureau for Marine Engineering, a core institute developing Russian strategic missile submarines, suppose the issue may concern a missile for 5-generation subs codenamed Husky. The Rubin’s director Igor Vilnit said development of the new submarines was already in progress.

The first reports on the plans to create the new subs emerged in March 2016. That would be the underwater cruisers combining capabilities of multirole and strategic missile subs. They will replace the Project 885 Yasen submarines that are currently commissioned in the Russian Navy. The only thing known so far is that the "huskies" will be armed with Zircon hypersonic missiles. The project is held by the Petersburg-based Malakhit Design Bureau.