New Airbomb Fuse Successfully Passed Trials

Rubric: Russia, Industry, Future

Testing of the newest proximity fuse for air bombs has passed, the new-gen bombs equipped with it will be commissioned by the Russian military soon, reported RIA Novosti on Aug 9 referring to Sergey Rusakov, CEO at Techmash concern.

In terms of combat capabilities and destructiveness, a proximity-fused air bomb considerably surpasses all munitions currently available to the Russian Airspace Force. When using common impact fuses, most of detonation energy is wasted for crater effect and ground breaking, which finally reduces damage radius and gives lower effectiveness of a warhead.

Strategic long-range bomber Tu-160

"We’re preparing to put this proximity fuse into batch production, and the Russian army will commission new generation air bombs in the nearest time, for sure", Rusakov said.

According to the manufacturer’s press office, during research and development of the advanced fuse, the Techmash designers faced a number of challenging problems: ensure required performance features, jamming immunity and compliance with strict operational safety standards.

The greatest challenge was to provide adequate protection and serviceability of the fuse at high ambient temperatures while being carried externally at supersonic speeds.

"We have designed a unique heat-protective shield that comes off when the bomb is dropped", explained Sergey Rusakov.