UAV Interception System Was Shown at Army-2016 Forum

Rubric: Russia, Industry, Future

The United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation presented the Shipovnik-AERO electronic warfare system at the Army-2016 international military technical forum. The system is capable to suppress control signals of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), hack their onboard systems, and locate UAV control site accurate to inches.

According to the company’s press service, the system can detect and identify enemy’s UAV control signals within 10-km radius, and then, depending on the target parameters, select optimal jamming type. The system’s equipment is mounted on the KamAZ cross-country truck.

The Shipovnik system generates powerful noise jamming that completely suppresses UAV control signals, may distort them and even ‘cut off’ a UAV from original signal and replace with own one. The system creates a false navigation field by changing of dynamic coordinates, so a UAV can be driven away and landed in another site.

It takes less than a minute from detection of a UAV to suppression of its control signal, and less than a second if frequencies are known in advance.

Besides, this system is designed not only for anti-UAV warfare; it can also suppress communication control centers, signals of cell networks, Wi-Fi, WiMax and DECT.

The second international military technical forum Army took place in Sept 6-11 at the Patriot Military Park near Moscow. It hosted about 100 foreign delegations. Over 1,000 defense companies presented their projects at the show.