Russia to Complete New Engine for PAK FA Fighter this October

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Experimental prototype of an advanced engine for Russian 5G fighter is to be assembled in October, reported Interfax on Tuesday, September 13, referring to Vladimir Artyakov, board chairman at the United Engine Corporation (UEC) and vice president at the Rostec State Corporation.

"The pilot sample is currently at the stage of assembly. Roughly, it will finish in October, and then we’ll proceed with trials", he said.

PAK FA (T-50)

"The workflow is in strict compliance with the initially approved plan", he told about the new engine for prospective airborne complex of frontline aviation (PAK FA).

According to Vladimir Artyakov, under this project UEC implements a large-scale technical upgrade program for defense companies participating in the engine development.

The question is the ‘second-stage’ engine for PAK FA. Existing samples of the prospective fighter still fly with the ‘first-stage’ engine; it is an AL-41F1 turbojet known as Project 117. The new powerplant will differ from AL-41F1 by improved fuel efficiency and lower life cycle cost.

Mass-produced supplies of these jets are scheduled in 2018, but the Russian Defense Ministry expects to get the preproduction batch in 2017. As of today, only eight T-50 fighters have taken off. Another airplane is to perform the first flight this September. The tenth and eleventh jets are under construction now.