Media: China to Get First Four Russian Fighters Su-35 by the Year End

Rubric: Russia, Industry

Russia will deliver first four fighters Su-35 to China by December 25, 2016, reported TASS on Wednesday referring to a source in the Russia’s international military cooperation agency.

Although the supplies were supposed to start in the next year, it was decided to speed up the process and send the first batch this year, said the interviewee.


Vladimir Drozhov, deputy director of the Federal Service for Military & Technical Cooperation said in November that Russia had entered upon implementation of the first phase of contractual commitments on supply of these fighter jets to China.

In November 2015, Russia and China signed the supply contract for 24 fighters Su-35. The contract is evaluated at least as $2 bln, including supplies of ground-based equipment and reserve engines. The contract is scheduled for three years.

Su-35 is a Russian multirole 4++generation air-superiority fighter equipped with the onboard phased-array radar and thrust-vectoring engines. It is capable to accelerate up to 2,500 kph, its operational range is 3,400 km and mission radius is about 1,600 km. The jet is armed with the 30-mm gun and has 12 external stations for bombs and missiles.