Flight Tests of Russia’s Newest Jet Engine Deferred to 2018

Rubric: Russia, Industry

Flight tests of the second-stage engine for the Russian fifth-generation fighter jet PAK FA will start in 2018, said Sergey Korotkov, vice president of the United Aircraft Corporation.

"Today, we execute defense contracts and hold trials at the flight test station. It is planned to begin the second stage of trials next year", reports TASS citing Sergey Korotkov.

Bypass turbojet engine AL-41F-1S for 4++G multirole fighter

In November 2016, press service of the United Engine Corporation reported about successful first land-based start of the second-stage engine for PAK FA jet. The company’s director Alexander Artyukhov announced the flight tests of the new engine to kick off in 2017.

So far, currently available PAK FA prototypes fly with the first-stage engine, turbojet AL-41F1 dubbed ‘Project 117’. These engines run Su-35 fighter jets. The new propulsion system will surpass AL-41F1 with better fuel efficiency and lower lifecycle cost.

PAK FA (Т-50) is a Russian prospective fifth-generation fighter jet first tested in 2010. Although commissioning of T-50 is scheduled in 2018, Russian military want to get first preproduction batch this year.