Russian Military to Approve Batch Supplies of 5G Fighters After 2018

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Russian Defense Ministry will consider batch procurement of 5-generation perspective frontline aviation system (PAK FA) T-50 under the new state arms acquisition program 2018-2025 when the first phase of the aircraft’s trials is over, said deputy defense minister Yury Borisov on Thursday, March 9.

According to Interfax, the first phase of PAK FA trials is to be accomplished in 2018.

PAK FA (T-50)

"The plane is passing scheduled trials now", Borisov said after his visit to the Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Factory that manufactures PAK FA fighters.

He informed that the factory would continue supplies of T-50 to complete trials.

"Three new jets to be delivered this year will join the first phase of trials", specified the deputy defense minister.

Yury Borisov highly appreciated the factory’s fruitful efforts in designing warplanes for the Russian Airspace Force.

"Things are good here, the factory performs all undertakings before the defense ministry, we have no complaints against this company", said the top-ranking officer.

The fifth-generation advanced fighter jet T-50 took the first flight in 2010. Initially, mass-produced supplies of these jets were scheduled in 2018.