Russia Designs Alternate Anaerobic Engine for Advanced Submarine

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The Malakhit Design Bureau of Marine Engineering (St. Petersburg) along with the Rubin design bureau is developing an alternate air-independent (anaerobic) power plant for Russian submarines, reported RIA Novosti referring to Igor Ponomarev, vice president of the United Shipbuilding Corporation in charge for the military sector.

As was earlier reported, an anaerobic powerplant for the Russian Navy is being developed by the Rubin Central Design Bureau for Marine Engineering.

A diesel electric submarine built at Admiralteyskie Verfi shipyard

"The next step would be creation of the ship-based version of the anaerobic power plant and its sea trials. Currently, we’re arranging for performance of these works under a contract with the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade", said Igor Ponomarev.

He recalled that a mockup model of the air-independent powerplant had been already assembled by the Rubin design bureau.

Media reported early in 2016 that the new Russian non-nuclear submarine named Kalina and equipped with anaerobic engine might start in 2017. The key advantage of the air-independent powerplant is better acoustic discretion of a submarine which may stay submerged for a longer time, up to 2-3 weeks, without the need to surface to charge batteries.